Dr. Lingqiang Zhou


Dr. Zhou Lingqiang is currently the director of Department of Tourism management, Zhejiang University. He holds a Phd degree of business administration and his research interests include tourism planning, tourism management, and tourist destination administration. He has directed over 10 national and provincial key research subjects and published over 100 papers and books. Prof. Zhou Lingqiang is also the head of Tourism Research Institute(TRI) of Zhejiang University, associate director of China Tourism Education Association(CTEA), member of Teaching Guiding Committee for MTA(Master of Tourism Administration) under Education Ministry of China, member of Academic Committee of China Tourism Academy, and member of editorial board for “Tourism tribune”. He also acts as the general secretary of Business Administration Tertiary Education Association in Zhejiang Province, the vice president of Zhejiang Tourism Association, the vice president and general secretary of Zhejiang Leisure Studies Association. In addition, he has been a consultant to 11 provincial governments in both coastal and western China and successfully finished over 100 consulting programs.